Welcome to EVO Asset Consulting, the future of asset management. EVO brings you unlimited REO consulting, lightning fast efficiency, real time transparency, and organic compliance.  EVO consultants will guide you through the difficulties of asset disposition while allowing you to mitigate loss and reduce liability. 


The problem -  Losing control of your assets. Complications of navigating tasking systems. 

Tasking systems are a thing of the past, as they only cater to single-family homes. What about industrial properties, office buildings, hospitality, restaurants, warehouses, C-stores, manufacturing, etc.? Many of these significant assets are left unresolved resulting in inflated carrying costs. The industry demands a new approach.

EVO's Solution - Staying in control of your assets. Utilizing better technology. 

EVO's professional assistance promotes resolution and rapid disposition. Staying in control of your assets and, as the market landscape evolves, we provide the support you need by utilizing Zoocom. This Revolutionary operating system brings all clients, agents, and vendors into one friendly environment, so you can keep your team small, effective and highly efficient.



The problem -  Disconnection in communication data flow. 

Being forced to use technology that is specific to one company or another takes the focus away from the asset. Juggling multiple company-specific platforms causes bottlenecks, lack of communication, data loss, and unnecessarily long response times, which takes focus away from asset resolution. 

EVO's Solution - Allowing all parties to access assets based on permissions. 

The technology we use should emphasize the asset as the center of focus. EVO is supported by a cloud-based permission and sharing system, which allows you to receive direct, instant, and documented communication from all parties. This eliminates breaks in communication, creates industry-leading response times and drastically shortens days on market while maximizing values.



The problem - Inaccessible data and information.   

More often than not an independent platform does not allow users instant access to their information and data. This makes it difficult to attain important documentation, data and information necessary to remain compliant. 

EVO's Solution -  Instant access to your information and data.

Keeping all communication and documentation accessible in one central location is key. Zoocom allows all parties involved with the management and sale of your assets to access information based on permissions. Our technology and support team assist in satisfying your regulatory and compliance needs.


"EVO has significantly contributed to improving our communication and advancing our documents and performance management across the board. We are now able to connect all of our assets from our vast database of both agents and vendors, which continues to organically grow. These improvements considerably aid our efforts to meet compliance requirements. 


As the market landscape continues to change, EVO and the Zoocom platform allow us to adapt. We now have a number of tools at our disposal that assist us in remaining up-to-date in our regulatory world and in compliance. This includes not only personalization for us at Zions, but for all users, allowing each to manage in their preferred way under the supervision of the managing body with complete transparency."


Vice President - OREO Manager

Zions Bank