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EVO has partnered with Zoocom, a cloud-based permission and sharing system, which allows our clients to receive instant, direct and documented communication from all parties involved in the REO disposition process.


Zoocom significantly streamlines your operations and improves key performance indicators across the board. When lenders, agents, service providers and property managers are better trained on your specific policies and procedures, along with REO compliance, you mitigate bottlenecks and spend less time locating required documents or correcting involved parties’ mistakes; this leaves you with more time to focus on REO disposition.


Zoocom is revolutionizing the REO disposition process by allowing all users to access the asset based on specified permissions. This means each user can work independently. This facilitates instant data and information exchange, resulting in lightning fast response times. Asset owners retain all information, communication and data in real time. If you need to revoke a user’s access to the asset, simply retract and reassign with the click of button. All previous users’ information and data will stay in place, and new user will gain instant access. This means introducing a new user to the asset’s status takes a matter of minutes instead of months. 

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