EVO assists with your REO by providing hands-on consulting services during the crucial disposition period.  When it is time to dispose of a property, EVO makes the process as seamless as possible through:


     1. Onsite meetings to assess and discuss current performance, procedures and strategies.

     2. Overseeing the selection and management of appropriate industry professionals.

     3. Facilitating due diligence to expedite property sales and significantly reduce days on market.


Our broad view of the real estate industry allows us to customize our services to meet each asset’s specific needs.  By drawing on EVO’s years of experience and extensive contacts in the real estate field, we can significantly reduce average days on market and increase the average sales price. EVO's proven results show a tremendous boost in Efficiency, Transparency and Compliance, thus saving you time and money. 

What sets our services apart is our dedication to keeping the asset our focal point. We ensure that every party involved--owners, employees, services providers, and real estate professionals-- can effectively work toward the same goals and standards throughout the management and sales process. 


At EVO, our highest priority is meeting and exceeding the goals of our clients.  Understanding, maintaining and protecting your assets from further deterioration is critical to minimizing your losses and maximizing recovery value. We strive to fulfill these objectives through providing daily support to all individuals involved in the management and sales process of your asset. 

With EVO, you will have access to our extensive network of preferred agents, brokers, and other service providers at no charge. EVO works directly with every preferred agent—each of whom has gone through an extensive and thorough vetting, hiring and training process—to ensure we provide the highest level of services possible. We continue to train our preferred agents on industry-specific procedures and the Zoocom management system; now, instead of spending your valuable resources on day-to-day training and support, you can focus on your first priority—your asset.

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